Admission Fee & More


$7.00 admission fee covers both days!

NOTE: We are leaving the 2019 information up for awhile so everyone can see all the awesome exhibitors who put their heart into making this event an amazing success!

All presentations, labyrinth walks, Kirtan, and drum circle are included in the admission fee.

Readers, healers and life coaches set their own prices for services. 

Books & Spirits Bistro - Live music, cash bar and dinner options available for purchase on Friday.

Unity Café - lunch options available for purchase during the day on Saturday, plus Greg & Jan's Famous Hot Dogs and Hamburgers on the grill outside!

Friday evening kicks off with a drum circle and self-guided labyrinth walks. On Saturday enjoy our Gently Used Metaphysical Book Sale, walk the labyrinth, experience Kirtan, 18 inspiring presentations, and more!

Visit our Body Mind Spirit Fest Facebook page to read more about our exhibitors and the exciting things happening during the event. Click here for the 2020 BMSF countdown timer!

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Event Schedule


Friday, June 7, 2019

4:30pm Drum Circle

Follow the signs to the drum circle outside under the big trees in the upper parking lot! Bring your own drum (some drums will be available for use). Chairs provided.

5:00pm Body Mind Spirit Fest Begins!

Admission is just $7.00 for both days! The Books & Spirits Bistro is open all evening with live music by Jimmie Landry and food & drink options. Enjoy shopping and readings with all of our amazing exhibitors until 9:00pm.

Self-Guided Labyrinth Walks

Walk down to the labyrinth (lower parking lot) and experience the quiet calm that walking the labyrinth can bring. Our labyrinth is open year round for your enjoyment!

7:15pm Featured Guest Johnny Barnett of Chakraology presentation, Room G (downstairs)

9:00pm Event closes for the day - See you tomorrow!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

10:00am Body Mind Spirit Fest Opens!

The labyrinth is open all day for your enjoyment. The bistro tent has magically transformed into our ever popular Gently Used Metaphysical Book Sale. All sales are love offering based (you set the price). Enjoy shopping and readings with all of our exhibitors!

11:00am Presentations and Seminars begin

See below for the schedule.

1:00pm Kirtan with Bhakti Kulani

Follow the signs to experience Kirtan outside under the big trees in the upper parking lot. Chairs provided.

3:00pm Door Prize Drawing

We will post the winners at the door prize registration table.

6:00pm Event ends - see you next year (June 5-6, 2020)!

2019 Exhibitor List


Angels Whispering Light

Booth 27

Aphrodette North

Inner Mysteries Profiled

Booth 24

Art by Samuel McCormick

FB @ArtbySamuelMcCormick

Booth 1

Astro-Artistry by Magae Hartzell

FB @AstroArtistry

Booth 33

Asyra Bioenergetic Screening

Booth 34

Avillion Aura Photography

Booth 26

Azurae Windwalker

Shamanic Healing Art

Booth 11

Johnny Barnett - Chakraology 

*** 2019 Featured Guest ***

Booth 5

Laura Sabados

Creating Harmony

Booth 7

Crystal Cottage

FB @CrystalCottageRoanoke

Booth 36


Eckankar of the Roanoke Valley

Booth 8

Eleven Eleven Candles & More

Booth 31

 Ellen Valentine-Laperriere 

Angel 8 Enterprises, LLC

Booth 23

Energy Healers of the Roanoke Valley

Booth 35

Face Painting Fantasy/Henna Tattoos

Booth 30

Heart to Heart Massage

Booth 39

Heartlight Bridges 2

Books, Oracle decks, Angel Tarot

and Oracle card readings

FB @HeartLightBridges

Booth 3


Infinite Energy Wire Wraps

FB @InfiniteEnergyWireWraps 

Booth 28

InStill Mindfulness SWVA

Booth 20

Jacqueline Lunger

Booth 14

Judy Hansen

Spiritual Life Coach

Booth 9

Kaftan Life

Booth 32

Karen Samson Spirit Art

FB @KarenSamsonSpiritArt

Booth 18

Kate Stockman Designs

Booth 2

Lillian Alexandria Pederson

Messages & Energy from Source

Radiant Lotus Center

Linda Beals 

Medical Intuitive

Booth 4

Lynn Rene MacDonald

Booth 37

Visit our Body Mind Spirit Fest Facebook page to learn more about our exhibitors! Remember to like our page and posts, and use the hashtag #BodyMindSpiritFest

Wondering where a certain booth is located? Visit the 'Exhibitor Information' page to view and/or download a Floor Plan showing booth locations! This will also be available in the event program.


Mary Ann Walker

Radiance Wellbeing

FB @RadianceWellbeing

Booth 15

Moretti Chiropractic

Booth 22

Morgan's Earth Treasures

Booth 25

Mountain Star Therapy LLC

FB @MountainStarTherapyLLC

Booth 1

Of The Earth Wellness

Dr. Dave Hamilton

Booth 41


The Oracle Institute

Oracle Institute Press

Booth 29

Oshee Tarot

FB @OsheeTarotReadings

Booth 38


Question Christianity

FB @QuestionChristianity

Booth 40

Rebecca Jerrod

Coaching for Transformation

Booth 9

Shumei America

Booth 13

Spiritual Insight

Booth 16

Stella Wilde

Booth 21

Takara Shelor

Dancing Dolphin & Magnificent U

Booth 6

The Occasional Psychic

Booth 19

Thrive by Heart with Laura Wade

FB @ThrivebyHeart

Booth 12


W.A.G.G. Reiki for Animals

Booth 17

2019 Exhibitor Booth Numbers

Booths 1-13

Booth 1   Art by Samuel McCormick

Booth 2   Kate Stockman Designs

Booth 3   Heartlight Bridges 2

Booth 4   Lillian Alexandria Pederson 

&  Linda Beals 

Booth 5   Johnny Barnett - Chakraology

Booth 6   Takara Shelor - Dancing Dolphin/Magnificent U

Booth 7   Creating Harmony 

Booth 8   Eckankar of the Roanoke Valley

Booth 9   Judy Hansen & Rebecca Jerrod

Booth 10   Mountain Star Therapy LLC

Booth 11   Azurae Windwalker

Shamanic Healing Art 

Booth 12   Thrive by Heart with Laura Wade

Booth 13   Shumei America

Booths 14-27

Booth 14   Jacqueline Lunger

Booth 15   Mary Ann Walker - Radiance Wellbeing

Booth 16   Spiritual Insight

Booth 17    W.A.G.G. Reiki for Animals

Booth 18   Karen Samson Spirit Art

Booth 19   The Occasional Psychic

Booth 20   InStill Mindfulness SWVA

Booth 21   Stella Wilde

Booth 22    Moretti Chiropractic 

Booth 23    Ellen Valentine-Laperriere

Angel 8 Enterprises, LLC

Booth 24   Aphrodette North

Inner Mysteries Profiled

Booth 25   Morgan's Earth Treasures

Booth 26   Avillion Aura Photography

Booth 27   Angels Whispering Light

Booths 28-41

Booth 28   Infinite Energy Wire Wraps

Booth 29   The Oracle Institute

Booth 30   Face Painting Fantasy/Henna Tattoos

Booth 31   Eleven Eleven Candles & More

Booth 32   Kaftan Life

Booth 33   Astro-Artistry by Magae Hartzell

Booth 34   Asyra Bioenergetic Screening 

Booth 35   Energy Healers of the Roanoke Valley

Booth 36   Crystal Cottage

Booth 37   Lynn Rene MacDonald

Booth 38   Oshee Tarot

Booth 39   Heart to Heart Massage

Booth 40    Question Christianity  

Booth 41   Of The Earth Wellness

2019 Presentation & Seminar Schedule


Featured Guest Friday Evening Presentation

7:15pm in Room G

Johnny Barnett


Astrologer Johnny Barnett leads us on an empowering look at ancient wisdom through a modern lens, providing answers to life’s BIG QUESTIONS that your parents, teachers and preachers were never able to give. The 7 Chakras comprise our "spiritual anatomy" giving direction and purpose to everything we do in our physical lives. The Chakras, Mythology and Astrology all lie at the root of our ancient wisdom traditions. When viewed together they provide the beginning of the answer to the question "Why am I here?" and help us cut through the distractions of the modern world to discover the life we were designed to live.

Saturday Presentation & Seminar Schedule

Room A

11:00am  Laura Sabados

 Communicating with Healing Frequencies

12:00pm  Karen Samson

Intuitive Art

1:00pm  Aphrodette North

The Law of Synchronicity

2:00pm  Lillian Alexandria Pederson

Self Love = Self Care

3:00pm   Takara Shelor

Transformational Healing Meditation with Takara

 4:00pm  Lynn Rene MacDonald

Soul Transformational Energy Workshop

Room G

11:00am  Ellen Valentine-Laperriere  

The Wisdom of Tarot

12:00pm  Rev. Laura George, J.D.

The Spectrum of Consciousness

1:00pm  Maurie Sutton

Defrag your brain!

2:00pm  Mary Ann Walker

Sound Immersion with Angel Harps

3:00pm  Dr. Janus Morariu

Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

4:00pm   Kate Stockman

Exploring the Solar Feminine and Her Roles Today 

Room S

 11:00am  Penny Prentice-Best

Accepting Your Divinity: 5 Steps

to Reclaiming Your Power and Glory 

12:00pm  Jacqueline Lunger

Beliefs: Choose With Care

1:00pm  Laura Wade

The 3 Keys to Creating a Life You Love!

2:00pm  Azurae Windwalker

Psychic Self-Protection with Practical Shamanism

3:00pm   Rev. Ingrid Jolly, DD

Into the Rhythm of the Unseen World

4:00pm  Dr. Dave Hamilton

What is Vitalism and how can you

incorporate it into your life and Health!

Books & Spirits Bistro


Enjoy live music, dancing, drinks, and tasty dinner options at our Friday night outdoor Books & Spirits Bistro! 

On Saturday the bistro tent is magically transformed into our popular Gently Used Metaphysical Book Sale! All sales are love offering based. Located just outside our bookstore, Inner Journey. Ticket required to access both the bistro on Friday and the book sale on Saturday.