Admission Fee & More

$7.00 admission fee covers both days!

Come for both days, or just one - the admission fee is only $7.00!

All talks, labyrinth walks, Kirtan, sound immersions and the drum circle are included in the admission fee. Readers and healers set their own prices for services. 

Books & Spirits Bistro - Live music, cash bar and healthy dinner options available for purchase on Friday.

Unity Café - Healthy lunch options and beverages available for purchase during the day on Saturday.

Friday evening events include a drum circle, guided labyrinth walk and a sound immersion. On Saturday enjoy our gently used metaphysical book sale, walk the labyrinth, Kirtan starting at 1:00pm, another sound immersion and more!

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Scroll down for the exhibitor list, event and talk schedule, past event photos and more.

Event Schedule

Friday, June 8, 2018

Information coming soon!

Friday events include Festival Hour in the Books & Spirits Bistro from 4:00pm-5:00pm (think discount admission fee, disount food & drinks and a special hour-only discount in our bookstore, Inner Journey!) an open drum circle, guided labyrinth walk, dinner and drinks in the Books & Spirits Bistro, a sound immersion, our featured guest lecture at 7:00pm, shopping and readings with all of our exhibitors and more!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Information coming soon!

Saturday events include opportunities to walk our labyrinth, Kirtan (at the labyrinth), gently used metaphysical book sale, a full day of lectures and a sound immersion, shopping and readings with all of our exhibitors and more!

2018 Exhibitor List


All Light Ministries

Booth 23

Alternatives Center, Inc

Booth 18

Angel 8 Enterprises, LLC

Booth 23

Angels Whispering Light

Booth 27

art & being

Booth 33

Astro Artistry by Magae Hartzell

FB @AstroArtistry

Booth 2

Asyra Pro Screening System

Booth 35

Avillion Aura Photography

Booth 26

Azurae Windwalker

Booth 11

Chakraology - Johnny Barnett

Booth 5

Courtz Crystals - Handmade Snowglobes

Booth 14

Creating Harmony

Booth 7

Crystal Cottage

FB @CrystalCottage

Booth 36

dōTERRA Essential Oils

Booth 17

Dreams of Stardolphin Visionary Art

Booth 15

Dr. Maurie

Booth 41


Eckankar of Roanoke Valley

Booth 8

Face Painting Fantasy/Henna Tattoos

Booth 30

Good Karma Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Booth 1

Heartlight Bridges

Books, Oracle decks, Angel Tarot

and Oracle card readings

FB @HeartLightBridgesCoaching

Booth 13


Infinite Energy Wire Wraps

FB @InfiniteEnergyWireWraps 

Booth 28

Inner Mysteries Profiled

Aphrodette North

Booth 24

Jack Frankel - 5th Element Art

FB @5th-Element-Art

Booth 31

Jacqueline Lunger

Booth 40

Lynn Rene MacDonald - Spirit Life Guide

FB @Lynn.R.MacDonald.5

Booth 29

Lou Redmond

Booth 19

Visit our Body Mind Spirit Fest Facebook page to learn more about our exhibitors! Remember to like our page and posts, and use the hashtag #BodyMindSpiritFest

Wondering where a certain booth is located? Visit the 'Exhibitor Information' page to view and/or download a Floor Plan showing booth locations! This will also be available in the event program.


Mark Earlix

Booth 22

Metta Vibrations


Booth 39

Moonbeams and Fairy Dust

Booth 9

Morgan's Earth Treasures

Booth 25

Mountain Star Therapy, LLC

Booth 4

Oshee Tarot

FB @osheetarotreadings

Booth 38


Radiance Wellbeing

Booth 10

RAISING CLARITY: peaceful, ethical money management & nonprofit fundraising

Booth 20

Spirit Guided Portraits

Booth 3

Takara Shelor/Dancing Dolphin/Magnificent U

Booth 6

Thrive by Heart with Laura Wade

FB @ThrivebyHeart

Booth 12


Unbridled Change

Booth 37

W.A.G.G. - Working With Animals for the Greater Good/Animal Reiki by Michelle Hancock

Booth 21

Wellness Through Peace & Laughter

FB @peaceandlaughter

Booth 1

West Salem Holistic Healing Center

Booth 16

Willow & Birch

Booth 32

Young Living Essential Oils

FB @Rebecca.J.Yates.1

Booth 34

2018 Exhibitor Booth Numbers

Booths 1-13

Booth 1  Wellness Through Peace and Laughter

Booth 2  Astro Artistry by Magae Hartzell

Booth 3  Spirit Guided Portraits

Booth 4  Mountain Star Therapy, LLC

Booth 5  Chakraology - Johnny Barnett

Booth 6  Takara Shelor/Dancing Dolphin/Magnificent U

Booth 7  Creating Harmony

Booth 8  Eckankar of Roanoke Valley

Booth 9  Moonbeams and Fairy Dust

Booth 10  Radiance Wellbeing

Booth 11  Azurae Windwalker

Booth 12  Thrive by Heart with Laura Wade

Booth 13  Heartlight Bridges

Booths 14-27

Booth 14  Courtz Crystals - Handmade Snowglobes

Booth 15  Dreams of Stardolphin Visionary Art

Booth 16  West Salem Holistic Healing Center

Booth 17  dōTERRA Essential Oils

Booth 18  Alternatives Center, Inc

Booth 19  Lou Redmond


Booth 21  W.A.G.G. Animal Reiki

Booth 22  Mark Earlix

Booth 23  All Light Ministries and

Angel 8 Enterprises, LLC

Booth 24  Inner Mysteries Profiled

Booth 25  Morgan's Earth Treasures

Booth 26  Avillion Aura Photography

Booth 27  Angels Whispering Light

Booths 28-41

Booth 28  Infinite Energy Wire Wraps

Booth 29  Lynn Rene MacDonald - Spirit Life Guide

Booth 30  Face Painting Fantasy/Henna Tattoos

Booth 31  Jack Frankel - 5th Element Art

Booth 32  Willow & Birch

Booth 33  art & being

Booth 34  Young Living Essential Oils

Booth 35  Asyra Pro Screening System

Booth 36  Crystal Cottage

Booth 37  Unbridled Change

Booth 38  Oshee Tarot

Booth 39  Metta Vibrations

Booth 40  Jacqueline Lunger

Booth 41  Dr. Maurie

2018 Talk & Seminar Schedule

Friday Evening Lecture

7:00pm  Dr Michael Ulm

Information coming soon!

Room A

11:00am Laura Sabados

The Frequency of Healing

12:00pm  Beth Raps

How to Hear Your Archetypal Money Voices

and Make Peace Among Them

1:00pm  Lou Redmond

Hero Meditation

2:00pm  Dr. Janis Morariu

Miracles of the Light and Sound of God

3:00pm  Azurae Windwalker

Experience the Ascension Medicine Wheel

4:00pm  Lynn Rene MacDonald

Room G

11:00am  Ingrid Jolly

Anchoring the Empath

12:00pm  Sacil Armstrong

Introduction to Zentangle,

Abstract Art as Meditation

1:00pm  Mark Earlix

Experience Healing ... by a simple touch

2:00pm  Penny P. Best

Human Ascension: A Tale of Triumph

3:00pm  Takara Shelor

4:00pm  Mary Ann Walker

Sound Immersion with Angel Harps

5:00pm  Maurie Sutton

Defrag your brain!

Room S

11:00am  Belinda Edwards, Wellness Advocate

Live Naturally with dōTERRA

12:00pm  Johnny Barnett

Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism

1:00pm  Laura Wade

2:00pm  Michael McGee

3:00pm  Aphrodette North

4:00pm  Jacqueline Lunger

When Spirit Beings Want Our Attention

Books & Spirits Bistro

Enjoy live music, dancing, drinks, and healthy dinner options at our Friday night outdoor Books & Spirits Bistro! Peruse a selection of metaphysical books while relaxing under the big tent. New this year - come early at 4:00pm and immerse yourself at Festival Hour in the Bistro! From 4:00pm-5:00pm admission is only $6.00, enjoy food & drink specials and a special hour-only discount on select items in our bookstore, Inner Journey.

On Saturday the bistro tent is transformed into our popular Gently Used Metaphysical Book Sale! All sales are love offering based. Located just outside our bookstore, Inner Journey. Ticket required to access both the bistro on Friday and the book sale on Saturday.