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Announcements & Information

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Announcements & Information

2019 applications now available!

There are a few changes on the 2019 application: Lecture descriptions are now 40 words, we removed the 5:00pm lecture spot but expanded the lecture schedule to 3 rooms (18 total lectures), and 6 foot tables are available on a first come, first served basis.

Booth availability current as of December 18, 2018

All Lecture spots are now sold! Contact me to be placed on the lecture waitlist.

Getting Here is live!

A page with detailed instructions on how to get here, plus local hotels for our out-of-town guests.

Tips for New Exhibitors is now live!

2019 Event Dates

Friday, June 7, 2019   5:00pm-9:00pm

Saturday, June 8, 2019  10:00am-6:00pm

Information: Vicky Aldrich at 540-562-2200 X301 (Tuesday-Thursday, 10:00am-4:00pm) or info @ bodymindspiritfest.org


Contact Information

Unity of Roanoke Valley

3300 Green Ridge Road

Roanoke VA 24019


info @ bodymindspiritfest.org

Event Organizer

Vicky Aldrich 540-562-2200 X301

Sign up for our BMSF eNewsletter at: http://eepurl.com/cB4fJb

Find us on Facebook: facebook.com/BodyMindSpiritFestURV

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Fees and Discounts

Booths 1-15, 24 = $160.00

Booths 16-23, 27-35 = $140.00

Booths 25-26 = $190.00

Booths 36-41 = $120.00 (OUTSIDE)

Electricity = $20.00

3.5 inch X 2 inch ad = $35.00

Exhibitor Lecture = $10.00

Non-exhibitor Lecture = $50.00


Register during the event discount = $30.00

Early bird discount = $20.00

Discounts cannot be combined

Make checks payable to Unity of Roanoke Valley

To pay by credit card, call 540-562-2200 X301 between Tuesday and Thursday.

Deadline Schedule

Register during the event discount 

expires on June 9, 2018

Early bird discount expires on December 31, 2018

Remainder of event fee(s)

must be paid in full by April 18, 2019

Ads for program and lecturer headshots

must be emailed to: info @ bodymindspiritfest.org by May 1, 2019 *** Ad size: 3.5 inches wide X 2 inches tall (1050 pixels wide X 600 pixels tall), 300ppi, should be print ready and in one of the following electronic formats: .jpg, .gif, .png  - Lecturer headshots follow the same guidelines for electronic file formats. ***

Booth and Lecture Descriptions must be mailed to address on page 1 of the application or emailed to: info @ bodymindspiritfest.org by May 1, 2019

Booth Sizes

Booths 1-3 = 7.5 feet deep X10 feet wide

Booths 4-5 = 7.5 feet deep X 9 feet wide

Booths 6-15 = 7.5 feet deep X 6.5 feet wide

Booths 16-17 = 7.5 feet deep X 6.5 feet wide

Booths 18-20 = 7.5 feet deep X 6.75 feet wide

Booths 21-23 = 7.5 feet deep X 7 feet wide

Booth 24 = 10 feet deep X 10 feet wide

Booth 25 = 9 feet deep X 15 feet wide

Booth 26 = 15 feet deep X 10 feet wide

Booths 27-28 = 7 feet deep X 6 feet wide

Booths 29-32 = 7 feet deep X 7 feet wide

Booths 33-35 = 8 feet deep X 8 feet wide

Booths 36-41 = 7 feet deep X 8 feet wide


Booths 24-26 are on a raised (2 step) platform.

Booths 27-35 are in an adjoining room.

Booths 36-41 are OUTSIDE,

under a 20X30 tent with side walls.


The following booths have access

to electricity: 1-5, 16-17, 21-41

The following booths do NOT have

access to electricity: 18-20

The following booths have limited access

to electricity: 6-15 ***Only 6 spaces within this group can have electricity.***

Tables and Chairs

Each booth comes with 2 chairs and (as available**) 1 undraped table. Let us know if you need more than 2 chairs (no charge for additional chairs).

** We have a limited number of 6 foot tables available on a first come, first served basis.

Due to booth size/access, the following booths are restricted to 1 four foot table: 16, 19, 22

NOTE: All of this information can be found on the application!


In order to maintain a balanced number of service providers and products, no substitutions and/or changes are allowed after your application has been accepted, without the permission of the event organizer.

Contact us at: info @ bodymindpsiritfest.org to discuss any concerns you may have.

Be aware that we have sound healers at this event.

Readers: let us know if you record your sessions and we will work with you to find an appropriate booth location.

Contact us at: info @ bodymindspiritfest.org to discuss any concerns you may have.